The Graduate Program with Department Treasury and Finance (Treasury) is specifically for tertiary graduates and involves:

  • formal training and practical courses in the processes of government;
  • exposure to the decision-making processes on key policies and major government projects;
  • work placements in various business units across the agency;
  • mentoring by a member of the Senior Management Group;
  • guidance and support by an assigned supervisor with regular performance feedback throughout each placement; and
  • opportunity for further employment after successful completion of the program.

Employment Conditions

In addition to the general Employment Conditions and Allowances, as a graduate with Treasury you will receive:

  • commencing salary of $61 375 per annum; and
  • relocation assistance with flights and removal costs including up to two weeks temporary accommodation if recruited from interstate.

Training Program

The formal training program includes a selection of seminars and workshops that complements the hands-on experience gained through employment placements. Seminars and workshops cover various aspects of our department and broadly cover Northern Territory Public Sector processes.

Work Placements

As a lead agency with the Northern Territory Government, Treasury graduates have a unique opportunity to experience the various business units’ functions and receive training in fiscal and economic management at a Territory level. Supported with mentors and tailored individual work plans designed to increase knowledge and communication skills, many graduates remain with Treasury and take advantage of post graduate support and study incentives to develop their career. Placement positions are available in various professional fields within output groups of the following business units:

  • Economic Group
  • Financial Management Group
  • Territory Revenue Office
  • Superannuation
  • Northern Territory Treasury Corporation
  • Treasury Services
  • Utilities Commission

Guidance ​​and Support

At commencement of the graduate program, graduates are assigned a mentor for the duration of the program which can become a longer relationship through the graduates’ career. The mentor is a member of the senior management group and has experience with the graduate program.

During each rotation and work placement, graduates work towards achieving competencies against measurable learning outcomes that are identified at the commencement of each work placement. Graduates receive informative feedback during the placement from their immediate supervisor through informal advice and progress reports. These progress reports help determine suitability of the graduate for further employment opportunity.