The Northern Territory Government is establishing a Territory-wide mandatory retail fuel price reporting scheme called MyFuel NT and minimum standards for fuel price boards, underpinned by legislation. The scheme aims to empower consumers through increased transparency of fuel information and encourage greater competition in the Territory fuel market.

The scheme will give consumers free access (via website) to real-time fuel price information for every fuel retailer in the Territory so they can easily search for the cheapest fuel, whether it be unleaded, diesel, or other fuel types. It will also ban the display of conditionally discounted fuel prices on price boards to help prevent consumer confusion.

The Department of Treasury and Finance has now released a draft version of the Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading (Fuel Retailers) Regulations for stakeholder consultation. The draft Regulations include the proposed requirements for fuel retailers in the Territory for:

  • the MyFuel NT scheme
  • new minimum standards for price boards; and
  • mandatory compliance dates.

Consultation Draft - Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading (Fuel Retailers) Regulations 2017

Submissions by interested parties in regards to the draft Regulations are open until Tuesday 25 July 2017. Please send responses to

The Department of Treasury and Finance released theMyFuelNT Consultation Paper in January 2017. The consultation paper provides an overview of the Territory Government’s proposal to implement MyFuel NT and seeks input from stakeholders. Consultation for this paper closed on 3 February 2017 and feedback is being used to help inform the development of MyFuel NT.