From time to time, private individuals, businesses and the non-government sector put forward proposals for the delivery of goods, services or infrastructure to the Northern Territory Government without being requested to do so. To manage these proposals in a transparent, accountable and consistent manner, the Northern Territory Government has developed an Unsolicited Proposals Policy (the Policy).

The primary objectives of the Policy are to:

  • promote the development of unique and/or innovative ideas in line with the Government’s strategic policy priorities;

  • promote proposals that provide outcomes that are in the public interest;

  • provide all stakeholders with a clear and structured approach to the consideration of proposals; and

  • ensure an open, transparent, fair and consistent process that adheres to high standards of probity and public accountability.

Organisations and individuals intending to put forward an unsolicited proposal should consider requirements of the Policy prior to seeking to present a proposal to the Northern Territory Government. A copy of the Northern Territory Government’s Unsolicited Policy can be downloaded from here:

Unsolicited Proposals Policy (docx, 217kb)

For additional information on the Northern Territory Government’s Unsolicited Proposals Policy please contact the Department of Treasury and Finance’s Commercial and Economic Policy unit on +61 8 8999 5220.