The Information Act (the Act) took effect 1 July 2003 and impacts the way that Northern Territory public sector organisations collect, use and store government and personal information. Under the Act and for the first time in Australia, the related issues of freedom of information (FOI), privacy and records and archives management are brought together.

The Act is designed to promote the protection of personal information and the free flow of government information subject only to the need to protect essential public interests and the private and business interests of persons.

The Act has four main components:

  • A right of access to government information, including personal information, except where an exemption applies.
  • The appointment of an Information Commissioner.
  • Effective and responsible record keeping and records management.
  • The protection of personal information in the public sector by applying Information Privacy Principles (IPPs). 
    The Act does not replace other procedures for accessing information, or limit access to government information (other then personal information) that is already publicly available.

The Act creates a legal right of access to government and personal information held by government, including the right to request the correction of personal information where a person believes that the information regarding them is incorrect, inaccurate or out of date. This right of access is limited where the disclosure of particular information would be contrary to the public interest, due to it having a prejudicial effect on essential public interests or on the private or business interests of other persons.

Requests for access to either personal or government information are handled by the agency that holds the information.

In accordance with section 11 of the Information Actgovernment information held by DTF (docx, 156kb) is available for download. This document also specifies whether the information may be inspected, purchased or distributed free of charge.

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