Relief Measures

There are four Categories of Assistance available under NDRRA and each category has various relief measures for activation following an eligible natural disaster. Not all options are activated for every disaster as different options are activated on a case-by-case basis.

Relief measures provided are not to be regarded as compensation and are not provided as a substitute to insurance.

Category A provides individuals and families with personal hardship and distress assistance following an eligible natural disaster.

Category B is for the restoration or replacement of essential public assets and assistance to eligible small businesses, non-profit organisations, primary producers and individuals as a result of an eligible natural disaster.

Category C is a community recovery package that can only be activated with the approval of the Prime Minister and where a community has been severely affected by an eligible natural disaster.

Category D is relief and recovery for eligible natural disasters determined as exceptional by the Federal Minister for Emergency Management and the Northern Territory Chief Minister. Category D has not been activated in the Territory to date.