NTGPASS (Super) – ABN: 67738128022 USI: 67738128022001
NTSSS – ABN: 15570931519 USI: 15570931519001

Executive Summary

NTGPASS is a contributory, lump sum, defined benefit scheme established by the Superannuation Act 1986. It covers permanent and certain fixed term employees who commenced Territory employment between 1 October 1986 and 9 August 1999, when the scheme was closed to new members.

NTGPASS members are also automatically members of the NTSSS.

NTSSS is a non-contributory lump sum scheme which provides an employer-financed superannuation benefit at the rate of three per cent of salary for each year of service since 1 October 1988. The NTSSS covers most Territory public sector employees (including permanent, temporary, casual or irregular employees, consultants, contractors, board members or office holders) and was modified in 1992 to take into account the superannuation guarantee legislation of the Commonwealth Government. Benefits from the scheme are paid by the Territory at the time employment ceases. There is no NTSSS fund and therefore no employee contributions and no rollovers can be accepted.

NTGPASS and NTSSS are administered by the Commissioner of Superannuation and the staff of the NT Superannuation Office, which is a branch of the Department of Treasury and Finance.



Members contribute between 2% and 6% of contribution salary, and may vary their contribution rate once each year on 1 October. Member contributions and rollovers into the NTGPASS Fund are credited with interest each year.

Accrued employer contributions are paid at the time the benefit becomes due for payment. It is not paid on resignation within the first five years of employment, is partly paid within five and ten years of employment, and is fully paid thereafter.  

Benefit Components

NTGPASS lump sum benefits comprise:

  • ​member accumulation account balance: a member financed benefit equal to the member’s contributions and rollovers with interest; and
  • ​accrued employer component: an employer financed benefit determined by the formula:





​Total Benefit Points Accrued During Membership



Prospective Employer Component

An additional employer financed benefit applying to death and invalidity benefits. It is equal to 17.5% of benefit salary for each year of foregone service (service from the member’s cessation date to maximum retirement age - usually 65) but:

  • ​is reduced in the first 10 years of membership where the entitlement results from a pre-existing medical condition or insufficient medical information was provided on entry;

  • ​is reduced (for employees with a maximum retirement age of 65 years) where death or invalidity retirement occurs after age 50, and is not payable after age 60;

  • ​is offset (usually fully) where workers compensation benefits are also payable; and

  • ​is not payable where a member dies and at the time of their death, had no dependants.

  • Death and invalidity retirement benefits are payable, not withstanding that a member may be on leave without pay.

New Superannuation Arrangements

NTGPASS closed to new employees commencing service with the Territory Government after 9 August 1999. New employees joining after 9 August 1999 will have full choice of the superannuation fund to which the employer will contribute the superannuation guarantee.

For further details, please refer to the information for New Employees Joining After 9 August 1999.