How​ to Make Payments

Payroll Tax ONLY

Direct Debit

INTRA provides the option for employers to make direct debit payments from your nominated bank account(s) either at the time of lodging your return or after lodgement.

The payment is made using the Northern Territory Government online banking facility and is the most efficient way to ensure that your entity's payroll tax obligations are met. The system eliminates common problems experienced through other payment methods and allows your entity to control how much and when payroll tax is paid to TRO.

The online electronic payment system will debit amounts from your nominated account(s):
  • only when you authorise the payment; and
  • only for the amount that you specify for a particular payroll tax liability. 

Register now for NAB Transact or view the step-by-step instructions (docx, 1136kb) on how to register.


To register for BPAY please contact TRO in writing. You will be forwarded confirmation of your Customer Reference Number along with TRO's biller code within 14 days of receiving your request.

All Payments (including payroll tax)

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) 

Payment by EFT can be made using the details below:

Bank National Australia Bank

BSB 085-933

Account No. 187 960 174

Account title NTT Territory Revenue Office

When remitting payment via EFT please ensure that you include your EFT payment code in the reference field. Failure to include the correct EFT payment code will result in delays in processing your payment and may lead to payments being rejected.

For employers using INTRA to calculate and lodge payroll tax returns, the EFT payment code will appear on the 'Return Lodged' screen each time a return is submitted.

For all other payments relating to returns based taxes your EFT payment code consists of:

  • your registration number;
  • your tax code (INS for general insurance and LFE for life insurance); and 
  • your four digit number representing the month and year of the return period (eg: 1011 for October 2011).

For example, the EFT payment code for general insurer number 1234 for October 2011 would be 1234INS1011.

For payments relating to stamp duty lodgements, or instalment arrangements, please contact TRO for assistance in identifying your EFT payment code prior to remitting your payment. 

Post (cheque and money order only) 

Territory Revenue Office
GPO Box 154
Darwin NT 0801

In person (cash and cheques only)

Territory Revenue Office
Level 14, Charles Darwin Centre
19 The Mall, Darwin, Darwin
Office hours: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
PLEASE NOTE: The office is closed from 2pm on the last Tuesday of every month
Alice Springs
Department of Corporate and Information Services
1st floor, Alice Plaza
Parsons Street, Alice Springs
Office hours: 8.00 am to 4.21 pm
For more information please contact TRO on 1300 305 353 or email us at