​Our vision

To excel in providing Revenue and subsidy management services to the Territory and to be the first choice for Government.

Our mission

Through our people, provide the Territory with the most effective and efficient revenue and subsidy management services delivered in a fair and equitable manner.

Our values

  • We encourage open communication, new ideas and better ways.

  • ​We respect and recognise the skills and knowledge of our colleagues

  • ​We are committed to working together with a common sense of purpose.

  • ​We take pride in the quality services we provide.

  • ​We treat our clients and colleagues in a professional, objective and fair manner, and treat everyone as we expect to be treated with honesty and integrity.

  • What we do

Territory Revenue Office (TRO) is a Division of the Department of Treasury and Finance. Our role is to administer and provide advice on the Territory’s main own-source revenues and certain grant and subsidy schemes.

There are approximately 40 employees working in the three areas of TRO:

Revenue Collections

This area collects the revenue derived from the various stamp duties, payroll tax and mineral and petroleum royalties as set out in the Territory’s tax and royalty laws; provides advice on how these laws apply; and undertakes compliance activities. It also administers two subsidy schemes and grants including the First Home Owner Grant.

Revenue Royalty and Advisory Services

This area manages the mineral royalty and petroleum royalty schemes and provides guidance and advice to TRO and Government on complex revenue matters (including prosecutions). The area also undertakes royalty forecasting, provides input and feedback on appropriate revenue related policy and legislative responses and is a strategic sounding board for Senior Management and other areas of the TRO. 

Revenue Development

This area provides revenue policy advice to the Government; facilitates the drafting of legislation and supports its passage through Parliament; provides an independent review mechanism for the determination of taxpayer objections.

It also enhances and supports specific information systems; maintains and enhances the Division’s intranet and internet sites; forecasts on the Territory’s own-source revenue; researches and analyses data to model revenue proposals; and performs intelligence gathering functions through data matching and trend analysis.

Revenue Information and Systems

This area manages the operation and maintenance of TRO specific information technology (IT), information systems (IS) and information management (IM) framework. It manages and delivers outcomes on behalf of TRO for key IT, IS or IM projects. The area provides guidance and leadership for TRO on issues relating to IT, IS and IM, including identifying current and emerging issues in a timely and effective way, and are a strategic sounding board for Senior Management and other areas of TRO for areas or RIS’s responsibilities.

Revenue Administration

Revenue Administration manages the flow of information within the Division, and between the Division and stakeholders. It also coordinates TRO's strategic planning activities and reporting to Government, and manages the Division’s public awareness activities.

Service Charter

Territory Revenue Office has a taxpayer’s charter. The document outlines the service levels Territory Revenue Office will provide, as well as client obligations. 

Territory Revenue Office Service Charter (docx, 41kb)