The Household Goods Grant Scheme (HGGS) was introduced on 1 October 2016 to assist eligible first home owners of new homes by providing a grant of up to $2000 to purchase household goods for use in that home. The HGGS is available to eligible first home owners who enter into a contract to purchase or construct a new home from 1 September 2016.
First home buyers of established homes are not eligible for the HGGS, but may be eligible for similar grants if the household goods are being purchased as part of a home renovation. For more information about the grants that may be available for established homes please contact the Department of Trade, Business and Innovation on 1800 193 111 or via email at

Applicants are eligible for the HGGS if they satisfy the following criteria:

First home owner grant eligibility

The applicant(s) must be eligible for the first home owner grant in relation to the purchase or construction of the home for which they are acquiring the household goods.

Transaction date

The applicant(s) must have entered into a contract to purchase or construct a new home on or after 1 September 2016 and the purchase of household goods must occur after the contract date.

Territory enterprise

The applicant must purchase all HGGS funded household goods from a Territory enterprise. A Territory enterprise is one that satisfies all of the following:
  • Is operating in the Northern Territory - the enterprise is currently engaged in productive activities (i.e. production of goods or delivery of services) within the Territory.
  • Has a significant permanent presence - the enterprise maintains an office, shop, manufacturing facilities or other permanent base within the Territory.
  • Employs Territory residents - the enterprise employs Territorians. An enterprise which relies exclusively on transient, interstate / international labour or a fly-in, fly-out workforce will not satisfy this element.

Goods to be used in new home

The household goods must be purchased for use by the applicant(s) in the home for which they were paid the first home owner grant.

Confirm eligibility

The applicant(s) must accept the obligation to confirm their eligibility by providing receipts as evidence of their purchase(s) to the TRO within ninety (90) days of the HGGS being paid.
Detailed information explaining the eligibility criteria for the HGGS for new homes, the lodgement requirements for applications and applicant obligations is available in the guidelines attached to the Household Goods Grant Scheme application form and guide F-HI-015 (docx, 100kb).

How to apply for the HGGS

You can apply for the $2000 HGGS if you;
  • entered into a contract to purchase or build the new home on or after 1 September 2016,

  • or are an owner builder and commenced construction of the new home on or after 1 September 2016.
Applications for the grant should be lodged at the Territory Revenue Office using the Household Goods Grant Scheme application form and guide F-HI-015 (docx, 100kb).  
For the purchase of a new home, the transaction is complete once settlement occurs and the applicants are registered on the certificate of title to the home. For the construction of a new home, the transaction is complete once the certificate of occupancy is issued and the property can be lawfully occupied as a place of residence.

When will you receive the payment?

Payment will be made to the applicant(s) nominated account within 14 days of lodgement of the application, provided the transaction completion date has occurred.
Applicants will have up to ninety (90) days after the payment of the HGGS to provide the Territory Revenue Office (TRO) with receipts. For your convenience, receipts can be scanned and emailed to the TRO.