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Telephone: 1300 305 353
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NOTE: The office is closed from 2pm on the last Tuesday of every month
Postal Address: GPO Box 154
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Territory Revenue Office (TRO)
Level 14 Charles Darwin Centre
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This service is provided to allow the public to anonymously report information to the TRO in situations where taxpayers and/or grant/subsidy recipients may not have complied with the relevant legislation. In the interests of maintaining equity amongst taxpayers and grant/subsidy recipients, the Commissioner of Territory Revenue values the supply of information regarding evasion, avoidance or non-compliance of applicable legislative requirements, and in this regard guarantees that all anonymous information will undergo a thorough investigation and where necessary, the appropriate action will be taken.

Please ensure you provide us with enough information to enable us to start our investigation.

Tip-off hotline: +61 8 8999 7229

Useful information you can provide:

We collect all the information the community offers us about tax evasion, avoidance and grant/subsidy non-compliance. Depending on the nature of the allegation, we need a certain amount of information to start investigating. If the information relates to tax avoidance or evasion, it is helpful to provide us with:

  • the name of the business; test

  • the name of the proprietor;

  • the address of the business;

  • phone number/s;

  • ABN (if possible);

  • the nature of the tax evasion taking place (such as, who they pay cash wages, the type of transactions that are not recorded, when they don’t declare cash, when they accept cash, if they offer discounts for cash payments with no receipts or invoice and/or the approx time the tax evasion has been occurring);

  • any documented evidence confirming the tax avoidance or evasion; and

  • any other useful information.

If the information relates to non-compliance with the First Home Owner Grant, Concession or Principal Place of Residence Rebate, it is helpful to provide us with:

  • their name;

  • the name of their spouse;

  • the address of the property to which the grant, concession or rebate applies;

  • their current address (if different from above);

  • any previous addresses;

  • their date of birth (if possible);

  • the date of birth of their spouse;

  • the nature of the non-compliance;

  • any documented evidence confirming the non-compliance; and

  • any other useful information