Taxes, Royalties and Grants

Territory Revenue Office (TRO) is a division of the Department of Treasury and Finance. Our role is to administer and provide advice on the Territory's main own-source revenues and certain grant schemes.

There are approximately 40 employees working in the Territory Revenue Office across different areas:

  • Revenue Collections
  • Revenue Royalty and Advisory Services
  • Revenue Information and Systems
  • Revenue Development
  • Revenue Administration

Our mission: Through our people, provide the Territory with the most effective and efficient revenue and grant management services delivered in a fair and equitable manner.

About the Territory Revenue Office

Learn more about what we do, our corporate information and our service charter.

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Home Owner Incentives

We facilitate a range of Northern Territory Government and Commonwealth schemes designed to assist home ownership, including the First Home Owner Grant.

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Stamp Duty

Stamp duty is a general purpose tax administered by the Territory Revenue Office that is imposed on various types of documents and transactions.

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Payroll Tax

Payroll tax is a general purpose tax imposed on wages paid by employers. The Territory Revenue Office administers payroll tax and employers are able to lodge their returns electronically through our TRMeR system.

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We administer and collect royalties under the Mineral Royalty Act, which levies royalty on the recovery of mineral commodities from a mining tenement in the Northern Territory and the Petroleum Act, which levies royalty on the production of petroleum in the Northern Territory.

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Unclaimed Moneys

Certain categories of unclaimed moneys either revert back to Northern Territory Treasury, or Treasury must give prior approval for their release. These are unclaimed company moneys and unclaimed superannuation moneys.

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