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Standard Business Reporting

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Standard Business Reporting (SBR) and the use of an AUSkey credential to access TRMeR went live on 1 July 2010.

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About TRMeR

The Territory Revenue Management electronic Return (TRMeR) system provides employers with an easy, flexible and more efficient way to meet their Northern Territory payroll tax obligations.

It is an internet based system that allows employers to lodge their monthly and annual payroll tax returns electronically. It also provides employers with the ability to perform the following functions online:

  • calculate their monthly and annual payroll tax liability using wage and eligible deduction details they enter;
  • lodge ‘nil’ returns; 
  • the option to pay the tax payable by electronic transfer; and
  • view a history (from 1 July 2006) of their returns including their annual adjustment returns lodged through TRMeR.

How to register for TRMeR

Use of TRMeR is conditional on an employer’s acceptance and compliance with the Territory Revenue Office’s Terms and Conditions of Use. These are contained in the TRMeR New User Registration form which must be completed and faxed or mailed to the Territory Revenue Office for approval. Contact details are provided on the form.

Once your access has been approved you will be allocated with your user ID and password.