Landholder Entity “Health Check” Program
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May 08
Landholder Entity “Health Check” Program

As part of the 3 April 2014 landholder duty seminar​, it was announced that TRO would run a landholder ‘Health Check’ program until 31 July 2014. This service is available to anyone who wishes to find out whether they or their client has a current or prior landholder duty obligation in the Northern Territory. The program does not apply to matters currently being considered by TRO.

To undertake the ‘Health Check’ of an entity, TRO will require:
·         the entity’s constitution/trust deed plus any amendments
·         the entity’s member register or similar, including details of any changes to the members
·         a flow chart showing Northern Territory land owned by the entity and its linked entities
·         estimated land values.

If a liability is identified as part of the ‘Health Check’ then TRO can provide a concessional rate of interest, with no penalty tax. When a duty liability is identified, land valuations may be needed as part of the assessment process.

Should you wish to find out more about the ‘Health Check’ program, including how to make application, please call 1300 305 353 or email