Publication Type Publication Identifier Publication Title Publication Details
Commissioner's Guidelines (CG) CG-SD-001 Document lodgement and payment periods  
  CG-SD-002 Eligible conditional agreements - extension of time to lodge instrument and pay duty  
  CG-SD-003 Stamp duty exemption for conveyances of 'family farms'  
  CG-SD-004 Stamp duty on motor vehicle certificates of registration  
  CG-SD-005 Put and call options  
  CG-SD-006 Stamp duty on general insurance - apportionment of premiums  
  CG-SD-007 Conveyances - Goods and Services Tax (GST) 'gross-up' clauses  
  CG-SD-008 Stamp duty on hiring arrangements Withdrawn – see 2006-07 archived Commissioner's Guidelines
  CG-SD-009 Aggregation of conveyances  
  CG-SD-010 Tax assessments requiring evidence of value  
  CG-SD-011 Improvements to land effected by the conveyee  
  CG-SD-012 Conveyances - exemption for distributions in specie on the winding up of a company  
  CG-SD-013 Advice on proposed transactions  
  CG-SD-014 Stamp duty concession for substituting a related
  CG-SD-015 Transfers of trade debts  
​CG-SD-016 Farm-in Agreements​ (pdf, 72kb)
Farm-in Agreements​ (docx, 683kb)
​CG-SD-017 ​Cancelled and Rescinded Conveyances (pdf, 95kb)
Cancelled and Rescinded Conveyances (docx, 694kb)
Forms (F) F-SD-001 Stamp duty lodgement form  
  F-SD-002 Cancellation of stamp duty registration
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 Conveyance F-SD-003 Division 15 Statement - Transaction not effected or evidenced by an instrument
(this form is interactive)
  F-SD-005 Exemption from stamp duty for conveyance of family farm
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  F-SD-006 Exemption - Settlement of property - defacto relationship
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  F-SD-007 Exemption from stamp duty on transfer of residence to joint names of spouses
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  F-SD-009 Corporate Reconstruction Interposing Corporation
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  F-SD-010 Corporate reconstruction intra-group transfers
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  F-SD-011 Corporate Reconstruction Reassessment
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  F-SD-012 Statement of Acquisition - Acquisition of interests in land-holder corporations and unit trust schemes
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  F-SD-014 Refund or remission of stamp duty on cancelled conveyance
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  F-SD-025 Application Form - Amended Assessment of Stamp Duty where Contingent Consideration is not paid
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  F-SD-027 Concessional Stamp Duty – Substitution of a Related Conveyee
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  Insurance F-SD-017 General insurance return  
  F-SD-018 Overseas insurance return  
​F-SD-019 Life insurance return
 Leases F-SD-008 Refund or remission of stamp duty for cancelled or early terminated lease  
 Motor Vehicles F-SD-004 Exemption for stamp duty on a motor vehicle
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  F-SD-013 Stamp Duty exemption for motor vehicle traders
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Information (I) I-SD-001 Stamp Duty Lodgement Guide  
  I-SD-002 Stamp Duty and business property and rights  
  I-SD-003 Stamp Duty and fishing licences  
  I-SD-005 Stamp duty and Motor Vehicles  
  I-SD-006 Ready Reckoner for Stamp Duty on Conveyances  
Electronic Returns (RET) RET-SD-002 Excel spreadsheet of the Life Insurance Return Note! Microsoft 2007 may have difficulty opening this file! The form is under review, in the interim please contact TRO to resolve
  RET-SD-003 Excel spreadsheet of the General Insurance Return Note! Microsoft 2007 may have difficulty opening this file! The form is under review, in the interim please contact TRO to resolve
Revenue Circulars (RC) RC-SD-003 2009-10 Budget Amendments - Landholding Corporations and Unit Trusts  
  RC-SD-002 Exploration Licences Transitional Arrangements